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[Attention Pac Hieghts residents who want a transformation in their bodies]
Use this 60 Day Hot Yoga Jump Start to lose inches, eliminate chronic pain and get more flexible...
"When was the last time you went to a yoga studio that specialized in teaching beginners HOT yoga and excelled in helping people with chronic injuries or pain"
Here is what you are going to get...
  •  60 days of UNLIMITED Hot Yoga sessions so that you get plenty of time to see a physical change and learn the fundamentals of a sustainable practice.
  •  A FREE Nutrition and Lifestyle analysis so that create a realistic plan to follow to see BIG change in your health. 
  •  My 6 Week Transformation workout plan so have clear done for you path to when and how much to work out each week to see your body reshape itself. 
  •   Access to our VIP membership site so that you have all the resource you need while traveling to keep up your routine.
Hi! I'm Brian Monnier
"I'm a yoga transformation expert for beginners and those with chronic injuries. For 19 years I have helped thousands of people with my proven transformation process"
One of the biggest benefits I have personally experienced (aside from the GLORIOUS stress reduction) by practicing yoga here is greater awareness of my body – and this is where the weight loss and greater flexibility comes in.
 For the past year I’ve been practicing 3-5 times a week, have dropped over 50 pounds and all but a few modifications, and the injury for which I had a surgical consult hardly ever bothers me — no surgery required!
All that practice has paid off because now I stand straighter, more flexible, stronger in the core, no more back pain, lower blood pressure and the upside is I have lost almost 20lbs
Brian and his teachers pay very close attention to each student, so when I spoke with him about my concerns regarding the old injury, he assured me he would help me to work on strengthening the area I had fractured. I feel like I have finally gained back the 1/2 inch I lost in height from my compression fracture- 8 years later- all thanks to my yoga practice at this studio.
Get Started With Our 
60 Days UNLIMITED Hot Yoga
What We do
Health and Wellness Assessment
To evaluate your overall health
We have developed a simple process that has gotten our clients HUGE changes in their bodies and lives.

It's a proven method that can be done by anyone regardless of skill level and helps you plan out all the steps to see a REAL transformation.
Specializing Hot Yoga for beginners and those with injuries
We are experts in working with those who have never been to yoga before and helping them be successful.

Most of our clients find us though because we have a proven track record of helping those with chronic injuries get better. It's kind of our thing
Nutrition and Lifestyle  Assessment
Real change comes from the inside of your body and that starts with your nutrition and lifestyle habits.

We will help you learn a simple easy to follow process that will allow you to eat a ton and see results quickly.
A Simple Proven Process to see BIG changes in your body
Back To Basics
A Returning to the fundamentals of Hot Yoga
We admit it. We are a little old school.

Focusing on helping our clients master the basics first, we believe that when you establish a solid understanding of the basics you create base that will lead to life long habits of healthy living.

This includes learning how to do each posture with good form, sustained effort and making better choices in your lifestyle and nutrition. 

A major part is also setting a proper intention for your goals and creating a personalized plan that is based on your individual needs.

Classes are physically challenge so that you get physical and mental transformations. Regular practice leads to weight loss, stress reduction, increased strength, increased flexibility and relief to chronic physical issues.

They style we offer is in lineage of Ghosh, which means, it's a little like a Bikram class, not as hot, not as long, you may modify for physical limitations and there are more poses.
Specializing In Those With Injuries
It's our thing...
For 13 years, we have been the go to place in town for people who are in chronic pain who want to get better.

When you read through our reviews and transformation stories, you will hear about radical physical changes, complete pain reduction, avoiding surgeries, lowering of life altering medications and total health transformations.

Our process has helped thousands of our clients over 19 years JUST LIKE YOU who wanted to finally be rid of the pain they were in.
Beginner's Welcome
Yeah, that's kind of our thing too.. :-)
A large reason we started the CYC was because beginners are often set up to fail in yoga classes.

When you first get started, it is SO important to have a experienced teacher who excels in teaching the fundamentals in a way that you can really understand.

Getting personal attention and making a connection with the teacher who will always take the time to help you is CRITICAL to your personal success.

We understand that you are at the beginning of your journey and will show you how to do the basics so that you create a sustainable long term practice.

Classes are taught with no BS.and good amount of humor.

We are often called the "Cheers" of yoga studios.
I am ready to get started....